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At Griesy Group Limited, project management plays an important role in tool making process. We have a complete project management system. This includes making an effective project timing plan, communicating and exchanging information internally and with the customers leading to problem solving, organizing project meetings as required and submitting weekly progress reports to customers. We pay attention to each stage of the project. We have skilled and full-experience project people to track the tools and report to the customers timely. So the customer will know about the tools status very well.

Project Management process

1.Get Purchasing Order--Data, press spec, tooling design & build standard.

2.CAE---study design standard,2D&3D layout, simulation, design.

3.Start to machine & assemble----Machine, assembling, fitting & spotting.

4.Project Team---Timeline, tracking, report to customers.

5.Buyoff---Pre-Buyoff by ourselves, Customer Final Buyoff.

6.Delivery---Tooling shipping and homeline support

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